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Health Tip: Losing Weight May Help Against Osteoarthritis

(HealthDay News) -- Losing any extra weight can help prevent or alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis, experts say.

The Weight-loss Information Network explains how osteoarthritis and overweight are related, and what you can do to reduce your risk:

  • Excess weight can cause greater strain on the joints, resulting in wear on the joints and increased risk of osteoarthritis.

  • The more body fat you have, the more likely you are to have inflammation.

  • Losing 5 percent or more of your body weight can help to reduce strain on your joints.

  • Regular exercise can help curb both weight gain and osteoarthritis.

Online Medical Reviewer: Louise Akin, RN, BSN
Online Medical Reviewer: Daphne Pierce-Smith, RN, MSN, FNP, CCRC
Date Last Reviewed: 8/15/2014
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